As mentioned in the previous post we discovered Treasure Trails, a website where you receive a self-guided treasure trail and as you follow the trail route you solve clues ‘on existing buildings, permanent features and monuments to discover the location of the buried treasure’.

So we decided to give it a go, we tried the ‘Lion Hunting in Stoke Newington‘ trail. The journey began in Dalston Junction and finished in Church Road. It costs £9.99 for you to download the map and print out (there are more options).

Here is the thing, the adults of the group (Nila and Rina) were really enjoying the trail but the kids not so much. Partly because we started the trail a bit late and we knew they were too young for this experience but thought we would make a day out of it. Maybe, if we did the trail earlier, the kids would have enjoyed it more too. But let’s see next time.

Unfortunately, we did not get to finish the trail because it got dark quick (we started the trail around 3 pm) and the kids were not very happy, so we left it and decided we would retry another day. This is the best part, you can do the trail whenever you want.

This would make a great day out for families with older kids who understand the aim of the game and are able to get involved. Actually, you do not have to have kids to enjoy this trail.

Also, make sure to print the map out in colour (or have a PDF version on your phone).