Let’s speak the truth

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12 Jun

Let’s speak the truth

For many years I have kept my mental health issue on the low, mainly because during all these years I have been ashamed. Ashamed to admit that there is something wrong. A part of me comes from a culture that is completely new to mental health (Albania). However, I have been lucky to have grown up in a culture that has advanced on this issue (the UK, we still need more work).

Today, things have changed. I speak to anyone who wants to know and understand better. I am no longer ashamed.

How has bipolar changed my life? It has made me understand other people much better and be more human. Everyone has their ups and downs, whether they have mental health problems or not. I feel like now I am able to relate to others better, I can empathise with what they are feeling. I now know that mental health is not something to be ashamed of, it was never a choice. The brain is an organ, just like your heart. It’s a very complicated organ.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be tough and the idea of not having control over your mind can be pretty scary (mania). The idea that one day you wake up and are not motivated to get out of bed is not the best feeling (depression). But you learn to live with it, you learn to cope, you become strong.

I have to admit it has taken me many years to understand bipolar and learn how to manage it (actually, I am still learning). But there is information available that will help you.

But I believe that it is important for us all to speak the truth, it is important that we do not feel alone and learn from each other, whether it’s bipolar or something else.