October has arrived! This usually means two things – the winter clothes come out [scarves, hats, gloves and your big woolly warm jumper] and Christmas decorations will appear all over London [we like to celebrate Jesus’s birthday three months ahead of time].

For us October is the month where not a lot happens, well apart from Halloween of course [if you celebrate it]. But we’ve put together a few unusual things you could do this month, some we’ve already tried out ourselves and had a lot of fun, and the rest are on our to do list.


Ping london review

Bounce, it’s basically a bar & restaurant where you can play a game of table tennis before you eat. We recently visited and had an amazing time. It is a bit pricey depending on how many people decided to go, and making a reservation can be difficult but it’s something we would suggest to try at least once. Don’t worry if your ping pong skills are not up to scratch, everyone is there just to have fun.

It’s a perfect place for a second/third date 😉

Hint Hunt London

unusual things to do in london

Actually we’re not too sure whether you’ll have any luck booking tickets for this month [it seems to be a very popular thing to do in London] but we’ve seen a few available dates. This is on the very top of our to do list. Everyone who has been has nothing bad to say about it. It’s basically a simple and fun escape game‘. It is designed for teams of 3 to 5 and according to all the reviews we’ve read it’s the best thing you can do in London right now.

BFI London Film Festival

We just had to add this on. It’s actually one of our favourite festivals in London – we love movies :). It’s a two-week showcase of the world’s best new films. It’s a 12 day celebration and the festival’s will be at venues across London, from the West End to the East.

Afternoon tea at the Royal Garden Hotel

afternoon tea

We have to admit we may be a bit obsessed with afternoon tea. Actually scrap that, we’re obsessed with tea – there is no such thing as too much tea.

One of our favourite places is The Royal Garden Hotel but we’re also massive fans of Bond&Brook. It’s a great way to catch up with you girlfriends [or Bff’s, whatever you want to call them] and the food is just yummylicious.

A comedy at the Leicester Square Theatre

comedy show in londonThe only reason why we’ve decided to add this to our list is because last Friday Nila went to one of the shows and had such a laugh [she also had a few glasses of wine beforehand].

So here is our suggestion, download the app Yplan on your phone [it’s amazing], book a comedy show [at a discounted price] and enjoy some funny jokes [in Nila’s case a drink before the show made the whole experience a lot funnier].