perfect hatWith the wedding season upon us the brides to be are busy making sure that their arrangements are going to plan, while the grooms are still figuring out the right words to use for their speeches. As for the rest of us, we’re looking for the perfect hat to wear during this special occasion.

We have two weddings to attend this summer and thanks to a fashion tool created by Fashion World, choosing the right hat has been made a lot easier.

Not only does it advise you on the hat that you should buy but also what colour would suit you best.

choosing the right wedding hat


The best thing about this tool is that it is not complicated to use. You simply have to answer three basic questions. First, you’re asked to take some face measurements and choose an image that describes the shape of your face best, then you enter in your eye colour and finally the occasion you want the hat for.

If you’re not attending a wedding this summer,  you can you this tool to find the right hat for race days, garden and cocktail parties.

wedding hats