sonata lingerie[Sonata lingerie]

On Saturday I headed to The Rose Club near Bond Street to see a lingerie show featuring three different brands: Sonata, Kiss Me Deadly and Louise Ferdinand.

It was my first time visiting The Rose Club and if you’re an RNB fan then I would recommend you pay it a little visit [or a long one]. But this is not what this post is about  [I always beat around the bush].

One thing I realised during the show was that lingerie models have a lot of attitude [not in a bad way] and are extremely confident with their body appearance.

It didn’t matter whether  they were size 0 or 16, they walked around the club as if no one was watching them  [Gok would be proud].

A part of me really admired that because I think confidence plays a huge role to a woman’s style but it’s the kind of confidence I can only have behind a locked bedroom door.

lingerie sonata

lingerie sonataThe Stardust bodysuit in black from Sonata was my favourite piece, it is handmade with a sequinned fabric [I love the V-cut laced back]. But it doesn’t come cheap – £270 and is available in sizes XS t0 XL.

sonata gown

the rose club

lingerie from sonataAll the above styles are from Sonata. It is the most expensive brand out of the three but it has some unique pieces that looked very sexy on [it kind of reminded me of Victoria’s Secret lingerie pieces].

lingerie from kiss me deadly

the rose club london

kiss me deadly lingerieThe lingerie above are from Kiss Me Deadly. I find that the styles are perfect for women who have curves and want to show them off a little. I am a huge fan of anything that highlights a woman’s body shape. They come at a more affordable price and are available in sizes 32B to 38DD.

lingerie from kiss me deadly

louise ferdinand lingerieThese last [but not least] lingerie pieces are from Louise Ferdinand. They designed specifically for curvier women as they go up to 38KK.