At some point you have heard these two famous phrases ‘every man for himself’ or ‘there aint no such thing as free lunch’.

We no longer trust in this notion of receiving ‘a free gift’. The world we live in today has become so money orientated that we can no longer give a gift without expecting some kind of reciprocation from the receiver – we keep a score of everything.

But the problem with this is, once someone does not repay us for our free gift then we will stop giving. Once everyone stops giving then everything becomes more stressful, competitive and individualistic. There is no more real connection between people.

A gift is not just money orientated, a gift can be giving someone your time, teaching someone a new skill or simply helping someone with a task.

What is more important is giving free gifts to family members and not expecting anything in return. But once you embrace that family member in the best way you can and emotionally touch them, then two things should happen:

1. It will make you get closer to each other
2. The family member will pass on a free gift to another

If I give you some money to buy seeds, your farm will flourish and now we both have money to give to someone else to invest – the faster the money circulates the better the family does.

how to give a free gift