The world’s first Silent Opera opened in London. It is a unique combination of classical music, arts and interactive performance.

Puccini’s masterpiece La Boheme is shown as a radical new production, which uses silent disco headphone technology. It is being performed at the Vault arts festival at the Old Vic Tunnels.

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Wireless headphones to listen to the opera

The headphones bring the emotional world of Puccini’s orchestral score right into the mind of the listener. There is no traditional staging because the performers move freely within the audience, telling the story of Mimi and Rodolfo.

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The audience sits on beanbags while watching the performance

The characters act within the audience, thus breaking the boundaries of conventional operas. During the first act you sit on beanbags and beds watching the cast of young people sing and act. The audience then moves on to other rooms in the Old Vic Tunnels, like a bar or a dimly lit den full of pillows. In this interactive, exciting new form of opera the lines of act and reality are blurred. 

Entertainment in London

The Old Vic Tunnels in Waterloo

The Silent Opera also overcomes the need for a vast orchestra pit, because it physically removes the orchestra.

This new interpretation incorporates classical opera into our high-tech world, while inviting the audience to view a traditional form of art in a modern way.

Don’t miss the chance to experience this unique performance.