I am a part of a generation which is torn between family and a career. I have been brought up with the belief that family comes before everything. But I was always told that my career defines my future. As if someone superglued a note on the back of my head saying ‘you need to find your independence’.

When I was younger my mother always made sure I developed good ‘housewife’ skills. I was babysitting when I was five, started using lipstick since I was seven and knew how to cook by the time I reached 14. I guess in her head she thought if I wasn’t successful at school, I could at least be a successful wife.

But by 16 I was studying five A-levels to build a career for myself. At 18, I started my journalism degree, two years later went to Australia for my year abroad and graduated in 2012.

Now I am 23, I am still climbing the career ladder, haven’t even reached the middle yet. But I am right at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to finding that one person I am ready to start a family with.

how to start a familyThe thought of starting a family before establishing my career path terrifies me. Actually scrap that, what I am afraid of is having to depend on someone for money and knowing that every decision I make will not affect just me.

I have realised that the older I get the faster the clock starts to tick. Seven years ago I was just 16 but it feels as if it was yesterday. I often question myself whether I have enough time to succeed in both fields, a career and family.

starting a family