baketopia launchNow get this right guys, we’re telling no lies, not one single one [is this usually how liars start a conversation?].

Last night we went into this magical room where we saw owls, frogs, rabbits and a massive unicorn [maybe only the last bit is impressive]. It was truly magical.

This bit may shock you [we suggest you don’t read on] but we had a bite of everything [yes you read it right]. We ate the frog, the rabbit and a bit of the unicorn [it’s a bit like, there was an old lady who swallowed a fly’]

Wait! this doesn’t sound right [considering that we absolutely love animals] – everything was cake. What we mean is – everything was made out of cake [can you even say that?].

So we don’t blab on for too long [as we sometimes do] – Miss Cakehead and friends ‘opened doors to a baker’s paradise’ to celebrate National Baking Week.

The pop-up is entitled ‘Baketopia’ and it opened to the public today (Friday 11th October), they’re also opened tomorrow (Saturday 12th October). You basically enter this magical world once you step in Unit 1.16  [everything takes you back to your childhood].

To top things up, you get to eat anything you want [there’s a lot of delicious cake there]. A team of the UK’s finest food artist were put together by Miss Cakehead to create this magical meadow [we’ve used the world magical so many times – but it really is the only word to describe it].

Guests are encouraged to make a £2 donation which will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

You can find this magical room in Unit 1.16, next to Sutra Cookery School in Kingly Court [we suggest you pay it a little visit – you won’t regret it].

P.s. everything you see in the photos is cake [we mean everrryyyyttthhinng].

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