Cockney cash machines locations

cockney cash machines

Yesterday a good friend of ours revealed a dirty little secret about London. Somehow, all of these years it has escaped our eyes and ears. But now we’ve found out, we’ll share it with you.

There are cockney cash machines around East London. You read it right, these ATMs will ask you to withdraw “sausage and mash” (cash) from your “taxi rank” (bank).

To cut the story short, in 2009 Bank Machine Company decided to make available five cockney ATMs around East London. But this number increased for the olympic games.

We went on the hunt for these ATMs, we quickly asked our followers on Twitter about where we could find these treasures and @zoelissima helped us out.

london cockney atmsWe found four out of the five initial machines that were set up. We ended up in Battersea Park before we could find the last one. This happens all the time, we go out looking for one thing and end up discovering something else.

If you weren’t born within an earshot of the sound of Bow Bells then you may not know what we’re talking about. So we’ll translate every Dicky bird [word].

It will ask you to enter your Huckleberry Fin instead of pin.

cockney atms in londonSausage & Mash = money

Dog & Bone Top-Up = phone top-up

Sausage & Mash = cash

Charlie Sheen = screen

cockney atms london

cockney cash machineWhere you can find the Cockney cash machines:

Spitalfields: 73 Commercial Street, E1 6BD

Barnet: 197 Mays Lane, EN5 2DY

Chingford: Murco Service Station, Hatch Lane E4 6LP

Mile End: 447 Roman Road E3 5LX

Walthamstow: 24 High Street, E17 7LD