How to get a guys attention

how to get a guys attentionThe past month we’ve been ‘experimenting’ with dating rules. We’ve been trying to work out answers to the many questions there are about dating.

In this post we reveal what we’ve learned  about how far a girl needs to go to get a guys attention.

One of our good friends from The London Perspective joined us on a night out to test things out for herself.

Some women can get any guys attention at the drop of a hat  [they always steal our thunder]. While the rest of us stand in the corner feeling too proud or insecure to even look around. Just don’t forget, while you’re looking down, you’re not noticing what’s above you.

During the first few days we made some stupid mistakes and had to swallow our pride and walk away. Good things take time – perfection takes time. But once we got the hang of things  – we realised that it really wasn’t as complicated as we thought.

how to get a guys attention

Step 1: Make eye contact with the guy 

This is when you show the guy that you’re interested. Some guys told us that if a girl looks directly into a their eyes at least three time for a few seconds then he knows that the girls wants him to talk to her.

If he has notice you and is looking back at you  – he is interested. But if he isn’t , then you’re just not his cup of tea [forget him]. He may be in a relationship or may be gay [don’t forget to check the wedding finger].

Step 2: Smile at him

If step one hasn’t got him dribbling all over you then give him a smile [don’t get freaky and keep constantly smile at him].

Look directly at him and smile for at least 3 seconds [do it three times maximum]. If he smiles back at you then that’s a good sign, he’s interested. Usually after three smiles most guys would walk over.

But there are some extremely shy, insecure or slow understanding men out there who may need that one last hint.

Step 3: Give him a sign/talk to him

As a woman this is when you need to screw up your courage and make a bold step – talk to him. As the saying goes if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain.

We know what you’re thinking – ‘but he is the guy he needs to come to me’. You’re not jumping into bed or marrying the guy just because you’re speaking to him and don’t worry he will not ignore you [if he is a human].

If you’re not too sure what to say , the most classical line will do –  ‘I think I have met you before’.

Here is the trick: Make sure you’re not the one who is always making conversation –  if he doesn’t start asking questions then he is not worth it [there is plenty more fish in the sea].