The past two years we’ve been trying to figure out the rules of dating. Maybe it’s just us, but knowing how to build good relationships isn’t something you can’t learn in a year or two – it may even take a lifetime [they’re so complicated].

Sometimes you need to experience a bad relationship to appreciate a good one. We think the most important thing is to find someone who makes you feel great. If a guy does not make you feel amazing from the start then we don’t understand why you are seeing him.

being lonely quotesWe’ve met so many women who are unhappy with the relationship they’re in [to the point where they’ve started feeling worthless] but they’re convinced it’s just a phase they’re going through. And because they love the man they’re with, they will wait until things start to change.

We have news for you – things will never change. You either accept the idea that you will always feel like you’re not good enough or walk out that relationship and find someone who will make you feel worth a million dollars.

As a woman, the biggest mistake you can ever make is allow a man to make you feel like …. nothing.

The sad part of it all is that you don’t even like the guy you’re with but you love the idea you’ve created of him. You think he is a real romantic and such a gentleman – when was the last time he did anything to show you this? He must love you because he really cares for you – why because he kisses you and says some sweet words? But no relationship is perfect and you’ve made your mistakes too – so that’s your excuse to why you should feel like crap?

If you were to stand back and see yourself in that relationship, you would be screaming in anger, ‘what on earth are you doing, walk away’. But instead, each day you’re waiting for things to change, you’re waiting for your imagination to become reality.

You can wait a year, two, three or maybe till the day you die – no one can control that but yourself. You need to have the courage to walk away. But once you do, only then will you realise what you put yourself through.

when a guy make you feel worthless