DJ Yoda in London

We’ve been following this London born DJ [DJ Yoda] for over five years now, not once has he failed to give us an amazing time. NOT ONCE. He’s the kind of DJ that makes you forget that you can’t dance because for that one night only you won’t give a damn.

What really shocks us though, is when we ask friends if they know of him and they say ‘no’. WHAT? They’re seriously missing out.

You’re seriously missing out, if he haven’t been to one of his shows. We haven’t met anyone who has seen him live and said ‘he seriously sucks’. NO ONE.

We just can’t put down in words how good he is. So we really suggest you try and see him live, before you get too old to party.

Dj Yoda is described to be ‘a hip hop ‘turntablist’ who uses samples to create a cartoony musical style’ [thanks Wikipedia]. For us, he’s the soul of the party.