Someones body language can tell you more about what they are thinking than you know. We often choose to ignore signs given to us through someones actions because we do not want to create a opinion about them based on how they move, look or speak.

Nowadays it seems that when two people feel attracted to each other they no longer know the signs of attraction.  Maybe we have the internet to blame for this as more and more people are signing up to dating websites and sending private messages asking each other on a date. But what is the fun in that?

Body language that show he/she likes you:

Blinking frequently  – When someone blinks more than six and twenty times a minute then they are excited.

Eyebrow raising (eyebrow flash) – This is a sign that you have been noticed and a way of greeting you.

Smiling while head tilted looking up – You are being teased (women usually do this when they want a guy to go over and speak to them)

Head forward up right – This indicates a positive reaction – they are interested

Active listening – They are instrested and attracted to you

Hands on hips – This sign usually means they are available and confident

Smiling – Trying to get your attention

Playing with hair – Flirting with you


How to know a girl like you