how to decorate easter eggsIt is almost a week till easter day arrives. I love the Easter period for three main reasons, the sun starts to come out (well not this year), families get together and I have an excuse to eat chocolate without feeling guilty – it’s not right to let all those chocolate eggs go to waste.

But unlike Christmas when we spend hours decorating christmas trees and putting up lights – people just don’t seem to put in the same effort during Easter, especially here in the UK.

I think the time has come to change this – let’s get creative and lift our Easter spirits. Now you can learn how to decorate your own easter eggs.

decorating easter eggsStep 1: You need the following stuff: a bowl, an egg, two needles (one needs to be about the length of the egg and the other not as big), different coloured threads and a pencil

Step 2: With the pencil you need to mark six points around the egg, one on the top, one on the bottom and four going around the middle but  make sure that they are all inline with the bottom and top one.

Step 3: With the bigger needle poke a hole  just on the bottom and the top of the egg. Make sure the hole is not too massive.

Step 4: From the bottom you need to blow out the white and the yolk of the egg – this is actually not as hard as it sounds. Once you’ve done this, you need to start taking extra care so you don’t break the egg while you are decorating the egg.

easter eggsStep 5: Now you can poke a hole with the needle on all the marks you made earlier on – so you should have six holes in the end

Step 6: With the needle that’s the same length as the egg and some strong thread connect each whole together  (the reason why you need a longe needle is so you can actually put it in from one hole to the other without losing control).

Step 7: Once you have connected all six holes the egg should be divided into eight parts.

Step 8: By now the egg should look like the one on image eight

how to decorate easter eggsStep 9: Choose the colour threads you want to use for the design – you can use different shades of the same colour if that’s what you like. You should use a thin thread (fold it in two) and the smaller and thinner needle for this part to keep it more stable.

When you start each section you should put the needle between the folded thread (as seen on picture 12)

Step 10: You need to go around each section where all the points meet – so in a way you are creating six diamonds around the egg.

Step 11: For each section you shouldn’t have to go around it more than six times and when you start a new section you don’t need to cut off the thread – just follow the lines of the first thread you put on.

Step 12: Now you can start the same procedure with all other coloured threads you want to use and do this until all the diamonds connect together.

decorate easter egg