London is such an open minded city and here people can just be who they are without being stared at. We met with Roni Lachowicz, 26, from Poland who is a professional body piercer and body modifier. 

Roni moved to London ten months ago and felt that she could be who she truly is without worrying about other people’s reactions.  When we asked her what is beautiful in her eyes she said that in the long run looks do not matter but it is all about the personality, whether the person is kind and open minded.

She is a pre-op transexual and next on the agenda is getting big boobs and gender change. She said that his parents are very supportive and even her grandmother has no problem with her looks. 

Being a convinced vegan she wants to stay healthy by not drinking alcohol, eating meat and not doing drugs. It was astonishing to discover that most of her implants were carried out by herself or a friend. She even injected her own eyeballs with black ink even though there was a possibility she could have lost her eyesight.

Implants carried out by her friend