tresor parisWe were invited to go and try the new Tresor Paris jewellery collection. The luxury jewellery brand left us speechless. We got the chance to meet and talk to the designer of the brand, Lilian Lousky.

Lilian gets her design inspirations while traveling around the world, her children and life in general. As the price of gold started to increase, Lilian seized this opportunity to combine glamour and elegance with affordable materials. She decided to use crystals as a substitute for diamonds.

Tibetan is used for the cord, which is a comfortable and spiritual material. You will also find that a healing stone made of magnetite is added to the jewellery, which is meant to boost circulation and beneficial for asthma sufferers.

tresor parisEach bracelete is named after a French town or city,  from Nice, St Tropez through to Paris and many in-between. The crystal balls are hand finish and 120 crystals are hand applied onto each sphere. The crystals are hand cut in the same way as diamonds which gives them that perfect sparkle that dazzles.

Lilian said: “I wanted something that looked enchanting with a ‘wow’ factor that was available to everybody”.

The brand offers a range of prices affordable to anyone, with prices ranging from £39 to £149 for crystal bracelets, a diamond version is priced from £4,500.

tresor paris