Hard-Fi gave a concert at the Shepherds Bush Empire on Monday night, 5 December. They are an English indie rock band.

Their third album Killer Sounds, which features the singles “Good for Nothing” and “Fire in the House”, was released on 19 August 2011 and debuted at number 9 on the UK Album Charts.

They played a lot of their classic stuff mixed in with the best of the new album. ‘Good for nothing’ and ‘Bring it on’ were clearly the audience’s favourites.

The music was too loud that it almost ended up being a cacophony. Although they are not bad performers live, the sound system’s level was way too high, which damaged the quality of the concert.

London Concert

Hard-Fi performing 'Bring it on'

Surprisingly, once we covered our ears, the sound was actually good. We still heard the music as loud as if they were playing right next to us. However, at one point people started staring at us, thinking we were blocking out the music.

Young people were not the only fans jumping around to their songs but all ages were enjoying moving their body to the rhythm of the music and singing the lyrics.

At times it seemed like the band were trying too hard to create a cool image for themselves, the lead singer seems to think that saying the work f**k and f**king in almost every sentence when speaking to the fans would do the trick – it did not work for us.

To make matters worse we had an excited high pitched woman screaming right in front of us that thought it was important to take photo’s of herself during the concert rather than the band. At one point we thought to just grab her camera and whack it on the floor.

Even though we felt disappointed that the music was dominating the vocals of the main singer, the majority of the audience gave the impression that they enjoyed the concert.