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This elegant and capacious tote from Hemmingford Grey is a timeless purchase. It is a reliable investment that will be just as stylish in years to come.

We believe that functionality is an imperative when choosing a bag and this is what this piece is all about. There is enough space to fit in your worldly possessions, from your laptop and camera to your makeup bag and water bottle.

hemmingford grey bag

Don’t let the minimalist design fool you into thinking that it will only service your everyday style. We can’t deny that it is a low-key piece favouring those who like to keep their handbags quiet. But it would make an ideal outfit companion whether you are going on holiday, barbecues or garden parties this summer.

hemmingford grey bags

The designer, Julia Reynolds spend two years sourcing the very best Italian leather before launching Hemmingford Grey, an online accessories label.

As demonstrated by this tote bag, clean lines and simple shapes are the key to her designs. Trying to escape the current trend of ‘It bags’ with overbearing logo’s, Julia wanted a collection of understated and classic bags that meet everyday needs whilst still looking effortlessly stylish and luxe.

hemmingford grey1. Brewster Shaped Tote Bag £250

2. The Savoy Wrist Strap Beaded Bag £250

3. The Royce Baguette Crystal Clutch Bag £495

If you want to look at more bags from Hemmingford Grey then just visit the online accessories site.