How to get over guilt and forgive yourself

Guilt is a way of directing anger at yourself because of something you did wrong. But you need to learn to forget your wrong doings and if you can you must somehow find a way to put things right.

‘Putting things right’ may not always be possible and this is when you need to learn to forget the whole incident – by carrying around the guilt like a sack of potatoes will only destroy you.

You have to remember that everyone does mistakes, over thinking and stressing will not make the mistake right. If anything it may end up complicating things.

The past is just a memory and do not let it define your present. By focusing on your mistakes or the things that you let go, in a way you’re living the past and not looking at your future and how you can improve things.

If someone is deliberately trying to make you feel guilty and you know that you’ve done nothing wrong – you must let them know what you are thinking. Sometimes when people do not know how to deal with their own problems they’ll try to put the weight on your shoulder.

how to stop feeling guilty