Kamique Bar in London

kamique bar in london

A few days ago I went to the Kamique Bar in London. I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while now, but something always came up – long meetings, it was booked out or the central line decided to stop working [TFL can be a pain in the ass at times].

I finally made it, a good friend decided to join me [I actually don’t mind my own company, but not on a Friday evening]. From the outside it looked like a tiny restaurant. I got a bit worried, taking a friend to a shoebox for food is not on my to do list [yet].  But once we stepped inside it was a different story … phewwww! The feeling of relief was worth ones weight in gold.

The front is a bar, so if you just want drinks – you can do that. The back is restaurant – where they serve some delicious Thai.

kamique bar in london

We started our night with some cocktails. I had the Porn Star Martini [£9.25], okay this doesn’t sound right – that was the name of the cocktail [I haven’t even met a porn star … yet]. Actually it was our favourite cocktail, so it’s something we would really recommend, if you like sweet drinks. We also tried the Triple Berry Collins [£7.95], this wasn’t my kind of drink, it just didn’t do much for me, so I don’t recommend it.

Being an extreme light weight, almost any alcoholic drink is too big for my boots, I got a little tipsy on my first drink [but that’s a story that will end here].

kamique restaurantkamique restaurant londonFor starters we were recommended to try to the Kamique Platter [£14.95], and we did exactly that. Who would say no to, homemade hoisin duck spring rolls, Yakitori chicken skewers, hand wrapped vegetable rolls and prawn crackers with a selection of dips?

Let’s start with the negative remarks [as you do], the chicken was a little burned, something my dad would love, but it just never works for me. Having said that though, it didn’t stop me from dipping it in the sweet chilli sauce and munching it away.

Everything else was spot on, I am a sucker for spring rolls, they always have me at hello.

kamique barkamique london barJust before our main course arrived, we had one more cocktail each. I felt a little bit adventurous and decided to try the Flamin Passion Fruit I loved it. And this was the moment when I almost set the place on fire, I thought it would be clever idea to drink it while the flame was still burning [don’t judge me]. Experience is the father of wisdom. The passion fruit almost fell out, I felt like a miniature Jakie Chan trying to save it from making any contact with the tissue on my lap [it would have made national news though].

kamique londonFor the main course I tried the King Prawn and Mango Salad [£12.95]. I really enjoyed it. It’s with matured goats cheese, baby leaves, caramelised walnuts and a balsamic and olive oil dressing.

kamique bar in londonlondon kamique barMy partner in crime [she would literally be that, if I ever decided to change my career path] tried the Soy Glazed Salmon Steak [£12.95]. She said it was delicious but the fish was a little overcooked.

kamique restaurant in londonlondon kamique restaurant