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bond and brook reviewAtmosphere: 9     Food: 9     Service: 10     Occasion: A great place to catch up with your close friends during a weekend of shopping or after work. It’s also ideal for a first date if you know you’ve something to talk about, if you don’t it can get awkward because it is a quiet place.

After hours of shopping and buying …erm…. nothing on Oxford Street during the weekend , I was desperately in need for some delicious food  and a place to relax. I decided to meet two of my close friends and pay Bond and Brook a little visit for some lunch and afternoon tea [it actually ended up being a three hour visit].

The restaurant and bar is located in the heart of Mayfair on the second floor of the Fenwick store on New Bond Street [a five minute walk from Bond Street Station].

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bond and brook in london reviewThe food:

We tried various dishes, I think we over did it a bit [eyes bigger than our stomachs]. The only dish that I was not a huge fan of was the Vine Tomato Consomme – it was just too plain for me [not my cuppa of tea]. My favourite was the mouth watering Goat Cheese Souffle –  it’s bursting with flavour.

I actually don’t have anything bad to say about any of the other dishes – they were all cooked to perfection. Every time you take a bite, the food it feels luxurious in your mouth. There are a variety of choices, whether you’re a meet or fish lover or just a vegetarian.

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review of bond and brook in londonThe atmosphere:

It is a really relaxed place where you can catch up with old and new friends [it has become one of our favourite catch up spots]. It’s a small light, airy, stylish restaurant with tables elegantly set. We thought the service was great – everyone was so polite and friendly and didn’t over do it to try and impress us.

bond and brook review

bond and brook restaurant in london

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london bond and brook review

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5 stars – based on our review
63 New Bond Street
Bond Street,
London W1A 3BS

020 7629 0273

Mon-Sat 10am – 18:30pm

Afternoon tea

Price Range: Expensive
Takes Reservations: Yes