why we love animalsDid you know that the very first animal to go into space was actually not a human but a Russian dog called Laika? [Are we too behind with all of this?]

But this is not what this post is all about. Let me get to the point.

Recently while travelling around Europe, we have noticed that in most countries people don’t seem to have this deep emotional connection with animals like we do here in the UK.

We love our cat [she is our baby Diamond], we look after her as if she is a human. We make sure she doesn’t go hungry or thirsty, when she seems down we try to cheer her up and if she’s ever hurt we will rush her to the vet.

So we can’t help but questions ourselves, is our relationship with pets evolving too much?

why we treat animals like humansanimals and humans

animals like humansAnimals have become surrogates for relationships with other people [couples have dogs instead of kids].

We love to be needed, it just makes us feel important, fulfilled and valued. Instead of having a baby depend on us, it’s a lot easier,and hassle free, to take responsibility of a dog or cat.

Some individuals would actually prefer the company of their pets rather than other people. Making an animal happy is not half as complicated as making a person smile.

And the one thing an animal will never do,almost every human does, is judge you.

Whatever your future plans are, you don’t need to worry too much how it will impact your dog or cat [whether you move house or change your career].

It seems that we are now looking for unconditional love elsewhere because we’re losing our trust in the human race [and we’ve become too much to deal with]. While people are busy plotting plans about how to rob your house, animals are just depending on your love.

why we love animals so muchwe love animalswhy we love animals