The Royal Opera House at Covent Garden is currently showing the Nutcracker. Peter Wright’s production, created in 1984 and revised in 1999, is a traditional Nutcracker version.

The Nutcracker tells the story of the magician Drosselmeyer who tries to break the curse that turned his nephew into a nutcracker doll with the help of a young girl named Clara. After a battle between toy soldiers and the Mouse King’s army, the nephew returns in human form. He, Clara, Drosselmeyer and The Sugar Plum Fairy then travel through the magical Kingdom of Sweets to celebrate.

The pirouettes and flowing movements of the dancers seem effortless. Royal Ballet has an ensemble of very talented dancers and especially The Sugar Plum Fairy stood out as an excellent dancer. The Nutcracker is an irresistible and fairytale-like interpretation. Tchaikovsky’s music offers some of the most memorable melodies of all ballet pieces.

It is a performance for young and old alike, because the lavish sets and costumes, snowflakes and toy soldiers all add to an unforgettable ballet experience. Especially the detailed stage settings, like the 10m high Christmas tree, the enchanted forest and the glittery snowflakes at the end were a feast for the eye. The whole performance was stunning and deserved the standing ovations at the end.

The Nutcracker, a recurring Christmas production at the Royal Opera House, will be on until 18 January.