osiris glassesEarlier this week we were invited to the launch of the 2013 Osiris collection designed by Jørgen Simonsen. It took place on the very top floor of the Gherkin giving us some amazing views of London.

We saw a 60-piece eye-wear collection made of ‘bold colours, patterns with contemporary detailing and modern shapes’.

During a short presentation by the Paris-based fashion designer he made a comment that instantly caught our attention.

He said: “Glasses are such a big part of fashion these days, it’s a huge market with increasing focus on and demand for striking design”.

Less than ten years ago wearing glasses meant you were a geek in the eyes of the cool. But the tables have turned – specs have now become a bold fashion statement.

People who have crystal clear eyesight buy prescription-free lenses to wear glasses without damaging their eyes.

We had to try and find the answer to one complicated question. Why is there such huge demand in eye-wear all the sudden?

launch party by osiris[View of London from the Gherkin]

osiris glasses by jorgen simonen[Osiris glasses by Jørgen Simonsen from the Colour Pop collection]

The Colour Pop collection is an ode to life, love and freedom’.

According to a study by the College of Optometrist people who wear glasses are perceived as more intelligent.

Graduates are being advised to put on a pair of glasses for job interviews as they’re more likely to get hired [don’t believe us? Check this out].

Even one of the best fashion designers of all time, Vivienne Westwood, famously said ‘I can’t think without my glasses’.

But one of our favourite explanations [we found it amusing] was when we were talking to a close family friend who wears thick-rimmed glasses with no prescription lenses. He told us that they help him ‘pull more girls’ [seriously? does that even work?].

Maybe he was talking more sense than we realised. Apparently girls are secretly turned on by men who have a geeky personality [not so much of a secret now] according to research by www.onepoll.com.

london gherkin

[Sushi and wine at the launch party]

osiris glasses by jorgen[A creative way to model the glasses]

The 2013 Osiris collection by Jørgen Simonsen will be available at Specsavers by August 14th. It will be included in and is included its current two-for-one offer where two complete pairs are available for £125.

osiris glasses

[Nila wearing Osiris glasses from the colour pop collection]

osiris glasses

[Osiris glasses from the frosted hi-tech collection]

‘My colour inspiration here came from the magical wonders of Scandinavia’.

super translucent glasses

[Glasses from Super Translucent collection]

‘Super Translucent is the epitome of urban chic, offering a comnimation of bold shapes, daring design and polished, glossy surfaces on a nod yo Phillipe Starck and utilitarian modernism’.

2013 osiris glasses