kings cross skateAtmosphere: 8     Food and drink: 6     Music: 8    Occasion: Great for an unusual fun night out, whether you are celebrating a birthday, hen night or just partying with friends.

Last night we went to the launch of a brand new pop-up skate rink in the heart of King’s Cross.The rink is open for eight weeks only and is located in the West Handyside Canopy, a covered space next to Granary Building.

The first thing we noticed was the disco lights and music that you could hear and see from a distance, this got us really excited. The closer we got the louder the screams and laughter’s were getting, we didn’t know whether to be excited or scared by this point.

Once we saw the rink, it wasn’t as big as we were expecting it to be but everyone was having such a good time. Friends were laughing at each other every time one of them dropped (so did everyone else), couples were holding hands (how romantic?) and the experts were spinning, dancing and doing a lot of other things (showoffs).

The atmosphere that was created on the night was amazing, the music was great, there were live skating performances to spice up the night and even an ice-cream stall.

skate kings cross

roller disco in kings cross

The food and drink was provided by Disco Bistro, serving upmarket fast food creations, we didn’t try a lot of the food because everyone was going mad over it. But the one burger we had (roller disco burger), we really enjoyed. But we were not huge fans of the cocktails we had, they just didn’t taste like cocktails to us.

The rink celebrates the recent history of the area, where the legendary Canvas nightclub used to host a roller disco every night during the early noughties and the aim is to recreate this experience.

We always bring this up and here it comes again, we have given an honest review of the night but the people you go with break or make the events.

roller disco in london

The rink is closed on Monday’s. Family skating sessions are available throughout the day, while Fridays and Saturdays host Disco Nights with DJ’s.

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