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happy feet socks

[Tights from Happy Socks]

We’ve realised that when it come to fashion, one item of clothing has really been taken for granted. But yet, we frequently use it in every day phrases when talking to family and friends. You rock my socks. Socking money away. Put a sock on it.

Yes, we’re talking about socks!

The socks-and-sandal combo has become a popular look around the streets of London this summer. Five years ago, this was a look associated with the unstylish nerd everyone avoided to look like.

When socks were first invented (no one knows the exact date) they were simply used to keep feet warm. It wasn’t until the 15th century that socks were used to enhance personal style. Over the years they’ve become a catwalk favourite.

two feet socks

[From Two Socks]

If we’re honest, until recently we haven’t felt brave enough to go out wearing socks with our outfits. We think that they’re still a bold fashion step to take. But we have fallen in love with two different brands that make some of the best socks we’ve seen so far, Happy Socks and Two Socks.

Two Socks for us is more of an every day wear. They’re very comfortable and are described as socks that have a personality’. The socks are made of combed cotton and feel very soft.

two socks london

We would usually shop for tights that are nothing less but a fashion statement at Happy Socks. The quality of the tights are amazing, we’ve climbed trees and walked on grass without ripping them once. They’re produced in Italy.

happy socks