Every time something goes wrong there is always someone else to blame. We need to blame our troubles on other people.

But where does that get you in life? Not very far, by not recognising your own faults and mistakes you never give yourself the chance to grow.

Napoleon once said: “No one but myself can be blamed for my fall. I have been my own greatest enemy – the cause of my disastrous fate“.

The thing about us is that we are not creatures of logic but we are creatures of emotion. We have this need to blame others for our own mistakes so we don’t put our spirits down. But deep down we all know the truth.

We don’t like learning lessons from anyone who has not stood by us since we were little toddlers. How on earth do they know what we are like?

The truth is when you are making a mistake, people watching from the outside see your flaws clearer. If they criticise you then you should learn to accept it. Handle constructive criticism the same way you would handle praise.

You need to learnĀ  how to be our own most server critic, admit to all our mistakes and improve on them. Not only this will make you a stronger person but also happier and more successful.

Even Einstein the most profound thinker of our day, admitted that his conclusions were wrong ninety-nine per cent of the time.

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