The good, the bad and the revenge seekers

They say it is hard to forgive people once they hurt you, whether they betray you, lie  to you or just say something spiteful. At one point in your life you must have shared a special moment with the person who has caused you pain, otherwise you wouldn’t really care.

There are all kinds of people around us, some are good and others are total ‘douchebags’ – including females. Unfortunately, we do not only meet the good but also the bad.  And when you let them get too close, they will hurt you.

But it is your decision on how you let it affect you.  Don’t ever think you do not have a choice, no matter what  your situation is.

I have always heard time heals everything but I disagree – your way of thinking does the healing. Some people take longer than others to see things in a positive light.

Everything that happens to you is simply a life experience, we develop because of what we learn. So when you get hurt you decide what you’ve learned.