This season maxi skirts have made a huge come back. With every corner you turn you will see someone wearing a long maxi skirt. 

The beauty about this skirt is that you can wear it during winter as it allows you to put on some warm sneaky leggings underneath. 

Below, Showit Kidane, is wearing her see thru maxi skirt with a belt which allows her to show off her waist and with the white cropped top she can beautifully show off the skirt. She added excitement to her outfit by carefully mixing three contradicting materials, cotton, leather and fur.

The bag and top are the only items that match together and what stands out the most is the bright red woolly hat that she pulls off nicely with the punkie look she has created.


street style in London

Showit Kidane, Retaik, 26, Harringate Everything she is wearing is from Bik Bok