Guys it’s that time of year again, the time when you need to show your partner the  love you have for her. We know how stressful it can be buying the perfect present for the woman you love. Everything you look at or think of doing is either too boring, not good enough or just too ordinary. So that’s why we want  to give you some amazing ideas about what you could get for her on this special day.

Tickets to London Fashion Week:

Is your girlfriend a fashionista? Then why not get her tickets to London Fashion Week, we are sure this would put a huge smile on her face. It shows that you have taken interest in what she enjoys. Maybe you could join her.

Make her a photo album:

Does she enjoy the simple stuff in life? Then you should put the effort into making her something as simple as a photo album, guys this does not mean you should go and buy her one but ACTUALLY make it.

We have gone as far as finding you instruction how to make her a treasure box of your memories together. You have no excuse!

Unique jewellery:

A girl loves feeling special, every girl does. So instead of buying her the every day necklace that many other women have why don’t you go and search for something unique. This may sound cheap (it really isn’t) but we advice you to look into vintage shops because that’s where most of the unique stuff come from.

present ideas for valentines day

Deliver flowers days before the special day:

This may suit couples who have been together for about 10 years. Depending on how many years you have been together why don’t you start sending her flowers at her home or workplace, each day representing a year you’ve been together (you can just send her a rose per day). So if you have been together five years then you start sending her flowers five days before Valentine’s Day.

Buy her a dress:

If you know your partners dress size and taste why don’t you buy her a beautiful dress. Without a doubt this would put a huge smile on her face and this is something not many women expect. And if you have planned to take her out for a nice romantic meal then this is the perfect time for her to show off what you’ve bought her.

Valentines day gift ideas