Every month we will set our stylist Nila Reka, a fashion challenge. This month we decided to give her £40 to buy as many classy spring/summer outfits possible. Due to the economy crises we  are facing today people seem to think that they can’t afford to be stylish anymore. But Nila seems to think otherwise, she reveals how much each outfit cost her and where she purchased each piece.

vintage clothes

Nila: I have been looking for a maxi skirt for over a year and when I came across this one I fell in love with it immediately. There is something I love and hate about the cropped top but it went well with the outfit. The shoes and bag I think were my best buy.

Shoes: £5 from vintage store in Shoreditch

Skirt: £4 from a charity shop in Angel

Bag: £3.50 from vintage store in Shoreditch

Top: 50p from a boot-sale near Woodford

vintage style

Nila: Knowing that I had only £40 to spend – when I saw this dress I wasn’t going to buy it because it took up almost half of my budget but once I tried it on I couldn’t let it go – it was sexy, classy and comfortable.The faux fur jacket was actually in the kids section but luckily it fitted perfect and I loved the colour. I have bend the rules a bit and I’ve used my own shoes for the photo.

Dress: £17 from charity shop in Oxford Street

Faux fur coat: £5 from charity shop in Oxford Street

vintage style

Nila: This is my most summery outfit I managed to put together. The cropped top is leather, a bit too revealing for me but it didn’t look too bad once it was on. I really like high-waisted skirts and I thought this black and white one had a lot of character. The jacket I bought because it cost almost nothing and I love the colour red. The bag was my favourite item I found through out the whole hunt, I am addicted to it.

Jacket: 10p from a jumble sale at church

Cropped top: £1.50 from car boot sale near Woodford

Skirt: £2 from car boot-sale near Woodford

Bag: £2.50 from a charity shop in Chingford