An unusual yoga class in London

From unusual yoga classes and secret walks, to bar launches and getting lost in a city I thought I knew inside out. I got on the wrong bus … going the wrong direction, judge me all you want but it will not change the situation I got myself in and a good friend in (we all make mistakes, right?).

What I am really trying to point out is that I am trying my best to keep the promise I made weeks ago

The good news is, I have found some ‘interesting’ things to do. The bad news is …. I don’t think there’s any, there’s hardly ever bad news on a Saturday.

yoga in londonWhen a good friend asked me to try a new volga class in London,  yes volga, I couldn’t say no. But first she had to answer the one question that you are all dying to know the answer to. What on earth is volga?

Volga is yoga with 80s music. So you’re doing yoga while moving to the 80s beat. It all makes sense when you try it out. For the first time I felt like I knew what I was doing at a yoga class (was a great teacher).

If you feel like a beginner in the yoga world then it’s a class I would recommend (find details further down).

If I am honest I was expecting the class to be a bit more groovy but I can have a wild imagination.

yoga in london