Just for a few seconds imagine never waking up once you fall asleep tonight? You’ve dissolved, you no longer exist [what happens beyond this point no one knows].

You always think there will be a tomorrow. There will be a tomorrow to make today better. There will be a tomorrow where you’ll make all the right changes. Above all, tomorrow is the day when you’ll find real happiness.

But until tomorrow comes, you’ve decided to be a puppet which life pushes around. 60, 70, 80 or maybe even 90 years on [if you’re lucky] – you’re still waiting for tomorrow.

And when tomorrow does eventually decide to turn up you just wish you could go back to yesterday. Why? Because for the first time ever you realise what an absolute prick you’ve been for not making the most of today.

We don’t know who to blame about the things we’re brought up to believe. Society? Parents? Education? Or maybe just ourselves?

But for some reason we seem to think it’s completely acceptable to stick to a job that makes each day as miserable as the next. We stay in relationships that reduce us to tears. We truly convince ourselves that tomorrow things will change – but for today we’ll put up with the nonsense life throws at us.

how to be happy

It’s only once everything around you becomes nothing you realise the true purpose of life. If you knew that after falling asleep tonight there will be no tomorrow, what would you be scared of losing? The money? Your house? Your miserable job?┬áIt’s only in extreme circumstances that you understand what’s truly important to you.