William Fitzsimmons is an American singer-songwriter. He held a concert in London at Union Chapel in Islington last night, November 17.

The intimate concert took place in an old church – a romantic setting, which fit in perfectly with his slow and touching music. In 1 1/2 hours he played a mixture of tracks from all his five albums.

Music in London
William Fitzsimmons performing at Union Chapel

His folk songs are very personal and the lyrics reflect what is going on inside of him. Music was a communicative necessity between him and his parents, because both of them are blind.

He is an outstanding musician whose lyrics come from his heart to confront his own problems and interpersonal relationships. His 2008 album ‘The Sparrow and the Crow’ deals with his divorce for example.

During his concert he talked about going through his divorce. Fitzsimmons said: “I learned a couple of wonderful things. Forgiveness is important and we don’t do it a lot.” He engaged the audience in between songs and made everyone laugh with jokes, mostly about himself. 

Fitzsimmons said: “Life is super short, so say the stuff you need to say.”

After the show the audience had the chance to talk to him, get his autograph and a picture with him and he took his time for each one of them, chatting about his music and the tour.

When we spoke to him, he seemed like a genuinely humble person, although he is so amazingly talented and smart. 

Music in London

William Fitzsimmons performing in London