You may be suffering from the lizard brain

I have a confession – I suffer from the lizard brain. The lizard brain is what stops people from achieving their dreams.

Have you ever wanted to do something but stopped yourself because something in your head tells you it is too difficult, it tells you you’re not good enough or that it’s too late or too early. That’s your lizard brain talking.

All the lizard brain cares about is comfort and safety, its main priority is to keep you alive. It will fight if it really needs to.

Think about it for a second, all the sudden we don’t have time for anything beyond work. Nowadays we have a washing machine, dishwashers, hoovers, buses, cars, the list can go on forever. How come before all of this technology was invented people had enough time to do everything and now we have time to do nothing?

the lizard brain

Most of us follow the road to comfort but this is a over crowded path and it will never get you to your destination but if you decide to choose the road to discomfort you will get further then you imagine. Don’t let your lizard brain win,  you need to create a environment where it can just snooze.

If you follow your lizard brain, you will not achieve anything beyond a nine to five job that provides the basic needs of life or not even that.  I am not saying you will always succeed but even if you fail you have to keep going.

Successful people are successful for one single reason – they think about failure a different way.

How many time have you planned something but always had a plan B as a backup? By making a plan B you are already opening the door to the lizard brain because in the end you will settle for plan B, don’t give yourself options – just fight for what you believe in.