You need to make yourself irreplaceable

Since toddlers we have been taught that there are rules we need to follow and if we follow these instructions then we receive rewards.

When you were young if you behaved – your parents praised you. Once you started school if you worked hard – you achieved the good grades. Eventually when you got your first job and did what you were told –  you got to keep your job.

We never really gave ourselves time to stop and think about the system we were growing up in (this is still present today). It became a taboo to criticise the structure of life.

But the few individuals who have had the courage to question the flaws of the system are people like Einstein, Richard Branson, Coco Chanel and Henry Ford – they are irreplaceable.

By following the crowd you are being like them and therefore you’re easy to replace.

how to become irreplaceable

No one wants to teach you how to become indispensable because then you would have too much power in your hands – who could you be replaced by?

The only way you can grow is by standing out, to create something everyone wants to talk about. By learning skills that education does not give to you, by respecting people and letting the word spread.

But the problem is many people prefer just to follow instructions because by doing this they don’t have to think for themselves and therefore they don’t have any responsibility for decisions. But never forget that doing something brilliant is not doing something ordinary.

If you want to have a secure job and good relationships then you have to find a way to stand out – you have to become irreplaceable. Discover what your gift is and work hard strengthen it and break every rule to make it shine.