One thing you can never deny is that life is one complicated thing to deal with. It throws some dirty and smelly things at you when you least expect it.

Just when you think the sun has come out, a big cloud will appear out of the blue and get you soaking wet.

We’ve often thought about the things happy people accept in life. Surely they must experience a lot of undesirable events in life too. But, you always see them smiling, as if they are living in a completely different world from most of us.

how to be happyWe’ve spoken to some people around London, some where friends and others were strangers, and put together a list of things that could keep you happy:

1. Never expect anything from anyone, if there is a certain dream or emotion you want to achieve, don’t think this is someone else’s responsibility to give to you.

2. You get what you give. For example, we often want to experience true unconditional love but get skeptical when it comes to returning the favour.

3. Forget what other people are doing, concentrate on your life. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Don’t waste time discussing other people’s ups and downs.

4. No one is against you when things don’t always work out. You’re not the only one on this planet going through a bad time. Whatever it is you may be experiencing, someone out there, at some point, who has gone through the same thing before you, has proved that in the end everything will be okay.

5. Listen to your inner self, if you feel something you’re doing is wrong – then it most probably is.