You are what you think. No one in this world has been given more happiness than others. Happiness is something you create yourself.

If we think happy thoughts, we will be happy, if we think miserable thoughts then we will be miserable. Whether you like it or not the second we begin to wallow on self-pity, everyone will try to avoid us.

There are so many worries you have in this world. You’re worried because you think you will not make enough money to live the life you want, you’re worried about the impression you’re making on other people or you fear you may loose someone you love.

But the only problem we really have is choosing the right thoughts.

Of course you should be concerned about your problems but you should not worry about them. You may be thinking what is the difference between the two?

When you are concerned you realise what your problems are and then slowly try to correct them. But when you are worried the negative vibe you are creating means that you will only go round in circles and never find the right solution.

Here is a true story about one of the most influential women in history. ¬†At one point Mary Baker Eddy the founder of the Christian Science was homeless on the streets of America, each night looking for a place to sleep in. She was called a ‘vagabond’ and not let in by many people.

Before all of this happened to her, her first husband had died shorty after her marriage, her second husband deserted her and married another woman. She was separated from the only child she had and did not see him for thirty-one years.

But her life changed when she ended up in hospital after she was knocked unconscious and after surviving the incident she was healed and changed her way of thinking. She declared: “I gained the scientific certainty that all causation was Mind, and every effect and mental phenomenon”.

how to change your thinking