Don’t forget that you’re the judge of your happiness
happiness quotes

During the weekend I decided to read a book that a good friend recommended a few weeks back.

10 gifts to give yourself for a successful life, by Christina Westover.

Now I recommend this book to you.

What made me write this post is a short sentence I read in the book, ‘no one can tell you what happiness is for you‘ (I second that).

YOU’RE the judge of your happiness, and you should do whatever makes you feel rich inside.

It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks. If what you’re doing is what puts a smile on your face then don’t stop doing it. If you go to bed every night looking forward to tomorrow, then you’re doing something right.

Actually, you’ve got the one thing we all want, work hard for and would die for – happiness.

The most important thing in life is to be true to yourself. The second you do things based on what other people think and ignore what makes you happy – you’re seriously screwing up. And you know it!

Just for a second, think about the times you decided to do something because it’s what everyone expected of you, not because it’s what you TRULY want. How did that go? Did you feel fulfilled inside?