Mental Health system needs to improve

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1 Dec

Mental Health system needs to improve

One thing we cannot deny is that the mental health system in the UK needs improvement.

I am talking from my own experience. About two months ago I experienced a mental health crisis.

I was taken into hospital on a Thursday night and not much was done about it until Sunday evening.

For those of you who know the importance of timing when it comes to mental health, you would understand that four days is way too long to take care of someone.

I can argue, it was a matter of life and death (losing my mind or not). Currently, 1 in 4 A&E departments have the facilities to deal with people who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

I was then taken to an old, dormitory-style hospital where I couldn’t get the right sleep because of the way everything was set up, this really did not help with my condition.

Actually, sleep was the main reason why I ended up in those crisis. Even though I constantly complained, no one could do anything about it because the right facilities were not there.

Mental health needs to be treated the same as physical health. I know for a fact that it is not.

The same night I went to the hospital on Thursday, my younger sister was in the emergency too because she was suffering from painful stomach pains. Unlike me, she was taken care of that night, the doctors did not wait four days to decide what to do with her.

So many times, I heard that ‘not enough staff are trained on mental health’, what kind of excuse is this? People do not deserve to suffer for this reason.

I am thankful for the family support I had because if it was down the system alone I am almost certain I would have lost my mind.