Unless you are looking for this place, you will never find it by coincidence. A wooden door in the middle of Chinatown leads you into one of the coolest bars in London. Or so they say. We expected a lot more from this hyped place. The bar has two floors which were both very crowded and there is limited seating so that it is very likely that you will end up standing and shouting in each other’s ears because the music is too loud. However, we liked the choice of

Hurts is a British electropop duo that formed in 2009 with Theo Hutchcraft was the lead singer and Adam Anderson as synthesist. Their debut album ‘Happiness’ was released in 2010. Halfway through the show there was an intermission act of two woman dressed in black lace dancing elegantly and gracefully with red ribbons. The band’s supporting acts were Niki & the Dove and Jess Mills and the surprise act during Hurts’s performance was Kylie Minogue. The audience was hyped when she came on stage to perform ‘Devotion’ along with the band.

Express yourself

London is such an open minded city and here people can just be who they are without being stared at. We met with Roni Lachowicz, 26, from Poland who is a professional body piercer and body modifier.  Roni moved to London ten months ago and felt that she could be who she truly is without worrying about other people’s reactions.  When we asked her what is beautiful in her eyes she said that in the long run looks do not matter but it is all about the personality, whether the

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