Natural History Museum Ice Skating Rink

ice rink natural history museumWe’re pretty sure during some time this month you’ll ask yourself THE question. It’s the same question that pops up year after year – it never gets old. And if you already haven’t, then we suggest you get it over and done with.

OMG! Is it Christmas already?

That’s the million pound question that has a one pound answer … yes. The follow up questions will have the exact same answer too. Has this year gone by extremely fast? Do I need to start my Christmas shopping? And am I going to gain an extra pound? [yes, yes and hell yes].

After realising that Christmas is just around the corner,  we decided to do our first ‘Christmasy thing’. Usually, buying a bottle of mulled wine is first on our to-do list but this year we made an exception.

Outdoor ice skating at the Natural History Museum was the perfect way to start this festive season.

ice rinks in londonFirst thing is first though, having made it obvious that our ice-skating skills are just as bad as our cooking skills, the instructor came over and gave us some handy tips.

Let’s set the record straight once and for all, when we’re skating – we don’t like mega talented skaters. Yes, we’re talking to you show offs – you frighten the daylight out of us [and make us feel incredibly jealous].

natural hisotry museum ice rink

natural history museum ice skatingoutdoor ice skating londonAfter an hour of skating around the rink, we got pretty dizzy, but luckily the session ended [it lasts one hour]. We felt that was more than enough time, if we stayed on longer we would’ve got bored.natural history museum ice skating rinknatural history museumSo we decided to go and have some mulled wine in the Café Bar, where you have a perfect bird’s eye view of the Ice Rink from the in londonice skating rink natural hisotry museumnatural history museum ice skating rink