We visited Southend-On-Sea with friends. We had so much fun, it was not a very warm day  but that did not stop us from enjoying ourselves. 

We love visiting Southend even in the winter but it just means that we cannot go in the water.

First we went to the beach, our tiny feet did hurt a little walking on the pebbles but we soon got used to it. Kind of.

The sky looked magical and there were a lot of muddy puddles for us to jump in, at least that is what we thought they were – what else could they be? Beachy puddles?

Our mums had prepared the best picnic, we also stopped in Aldi on our way there and we picked a few of our favourite snacks. YAY! Cheesy crisps and snake gummy bears for us please! 

As the weather was not as warm as we had hoped, we decided to go the Adventure Island after our picnic. 

We got the annual passes, this means that we can go on unlimited rides for a whole year and you get a lot of other discounts with the pass! 

There is also a Sea Life Aquarium but we will have to update you on our experience  because we did not have enough time to explore it. With the annual pass you get 50% off for up to 4 people.