Why I love to charity shop

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2 Dec

Why I love to charity shop

I first started charity shopping when I was a student. I have always found saving my money very important and not having much of it meant I had to do my best with what I had.

Over time, charity shopping became therapy for me. Even when I had enough money to buy the latest styles, there was something I loved way more about Charity shopping.

Okay, I am not Mother Teresa but the thought that I am helping someone with my purchase always motivates me to enter a charity shop. Nowadays, even when I buy new clothes I try to buy from brands that pay their workers fairly.

But I have to admit that beyond the thoughtful mind there are, to some extent, selfish motives too. I use charity shopping as a way to relieve the stress off my shoulders. I love looking for new items and not knowing what to expect. I am completely present in that moment.