There are so many beauty tips flowing all over the internet – we are struggling to keep up. We are also forgetting about the basic rules of make up and hair.

But that’s where we come in – we have selected five basic beauty tips for today.

We say no to tomato cheeks

Try to have a natural glow blush – don’t make your cheeks resemble a tomato. Even with a natural blush don’t overdo it.

Dry those pimples

You should try using toothpaste – it is a quick way to dry it out pimples.

Don’t condition your roots

If you condition your roots then you are actually causing more grease.

Clean your make up tools

You wouldn’t apply make up with dirty hands so don’t do it with your make up tools either.

Keep your skin soft

Immediately after stepping out the shower, pool or beach apply cream to your skins because water washes away the skins natural oils.

basic beauty tips