how to become confident

How to be confident

Confidence is what makes or breaks someones personality. Some people overdo it and seem arrogant while others just hide away in a shell and seem boring.

We don’t really know which one is worse but we will soon be explaining the limits of confidence. But in the meantime we have gathered 5 tips on how you can boost your confidence.

Confidence is learned, not inherited

If you find that you haven’t been confident since childhood, this is because of the criticism you faced while growing up. People may have told you that you’re not good enough for this or that. Forget what has been said because you can now prove that they were wrong. Don’t let the past destroy your future.

What you think is what will happen

Often before you get nervous and start to hide away, you think of the worst scenario that may happen if you speak out. You find that in the past your predictions were accurate, so you will not repeat the same mistake again. ┬áBut you have to stop thinking about these scenarios because what you keep attracting to happen – will happen.

Not everyone must like you

You are conditioned to believe that the worst thing that could ever happen is making someone dislike you. But if you don’t stop worrying about this then you will never realise your true potential. Whether you keep quiet or not, not everyone will like you anyway. Just stop caring about what others may think of you.

Cope with rejection

Just because someone is not interested in your ideas it does not mean you’re a failure. Every successful person has been rejected but they just didn’t let rejection sink them into the deep.

Give yourself the confident look

You waste so much time trying to figure out how to be confident and then you end up doing the things that will make you nervous. If you know that by not dressing well or having a bad hairstyle makes you want to hide, then don’t do it. Dress in what makes you feel confident.

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