Some girls understand the art of flirting while others don’t, it’s a matter of practice. But what you need to understand is that men love the idea of charming a woman – don’t do his job for him, let him charm you.

Show him you’re interested:

No girls, this does not mean wink at him and lick your lips till he comes over. But give the guy subtle signals, like making eye contact (not staring) or throw him a smile.

Make a move:

You need to find a way to walk past him so he can notice you, smell you and feel your presence. But don’t become a stalker.

Wear bright colours:

We are not saying you should wear a bright pink dress but if you’re dressed all in plain colours it is less likely that a guy will notice you. A red top can make a difference.

Don’t forget your hair:

Guys love girls who have great hair so why not show it off. Don’t be scared to run your hands through your hair when he is looking.

Don’t get annoying

Do not over do it to get his attention. Don’t get too loud, don’t stare at him like a maniac, don’t walk past him 30 times a day and do not think that your hand is a hair brush when you are playing with your hair.

how to flirt with a guy