During my visit at the Ideal Home Show in Earls Court I participated in a talk about ‘understanding¬†wines’. I tasted five different wines and during the thirty minutes talk the speaker touched base on a lot of the questions I had about wine.

what you need to know about wine

The price of the wine depends on the quality of the grapes and the age of the vines – the older the better. To give red wine that rich dark colour you need to press the grapes well and leave them for two weeks before the wine is ready. But with a Rose to achieve a light pink colour you press the grapes lightly and as soon as that is done it is ready to go.

Do you ever start to hesitate when you have to choose the wine you want to drink in a restaurant? I sure do because I never know which wine goes with which food. So I usually go with the Rose because I just don’t know what to look for in a wine.

But I have finally discovered five great tips that will help you (and me) choose the right wine with the right food – it is about time.

Ever wondered what to pair carry with? Rose is the answer, especially if you’re having a Thai green carry

The darker the Rose the more food friendly it will be

Red wine is all about Easter day – it goes really well with meet especially roast lamb

You can eat chocolates with some sweet wine such as Tescos Dessert Semillon wine

You should have sea food with white wine

what wine goes with what food