There is an old saying that it is easier to make money than to save it. The problem you face today is that everywhere you look there is something there that will encourage you to spend, spend and spend.

But if you learn how to save your money then you can start investing in things that you want to achieve in life. Whether it is to start your own business, buy a new home or simply go on holiday.

Use cash

Give yourself a weekly budget to spend. Do not use your bank card because when you don’t see the money being handed over then it is easier to let go of it.

Say no to bad habits

Things such as smoking and drinking are expensive habits to have. By cutting your bad habits not only do you save money but also improve your health. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Cook at home

Thanks to the internet there are hundreds of free cooking receipts, so there is no excuse not to cook at home. If you argue that you don’t have time then we suggest you make 20 minutes in your day to put something together for yourself.

Learn to say no

Whether it is going out with friends, buying the latest technology or shopping in your favourite store. You have to learn how to say no to things that you don’t really need to do or buy.

Wait for sales

There is always a sale just around the corner. So why spend £200 on something when you can spend half of that?

tips on how to save your money